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  Fail safe cylinders

Stainless steel double acting double ended cylinder with pilot operated check valve. This cylinder was originally designed for AGITATED NUTCH FILTER for the pharmaceutical industry , but can be customized for various purposes.

Tips: Can efficiently replace PULL BACK CYLINDERS in FILTER PRESSES.

Cylinder designed for 150 bar working pressure and tested at 225 bar. Available in all sizes.

Mechanical back-locking to make holding operation fail-safe.

The concept of fail-safe (mechanical back up) is essential in pharmaceutical industries. The product cost is so high that it is necessary to prevent discharge from the door due to piping failure in hydraulic circuit or wear out of cylinder seals. In case of failure, the lock nut will keep the discharge valve door closed.

View of Cylinder in Semi-Assembled condition.

Busak Sambhan seals used to ensure durable performance in extreme conditions.

Cartridge type check valve mounted on cylinder to ensure maximum safety to the machine.

Our home designed locking technology to make cylinder double fail-safe.

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